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Terms and Condition


Terms and Condition


The terms and condition defines as unless the context indicates otherwise, the following words and phrases shall have the meaning indicated against them.


These terms and condition (or terms) mentioned herein form the contact between the user and the company for using the payment2all services.


The USER shall:

  • Keep the user-id and password totally confidential and not reveal them to any other person including any person representing or claimed to be representing the company.
  •  User can create any type of password.
  • Commit the User-id and password to memory and not record them in a written or electronic form.
  • Not let any unauthorized person have access to your computer/mobile while using the payment2all portal.
  • Not disclose/reveal his/her personal or confidential information to anyone over email/SMS/phone call.
  • Forget password is done when password is forgot by user.

Charges of respective products

  • Retailer activation fee is 149/- which is nonrefundable.
  • Area distributor charge is 5000/- which is nonrefundable.
  • Distributor charge is 10000/- which is nonrefundable.
  • Master dealer charge is 15000/- which is nonrefundable.
  • Super dealer charge is 20000/- which is nonrefundable.
  • Commission variable 2.25 to 6 %


The company is providing the user benefits such as Mobile Recharge, Data Card, DTH recharge, Money Transfer, electricity gas payment insurance premium Postpaid bill, Utility etc. So that user can recharge his website, mobile application and SMS by one balance user can do payment to all.

The “payment 2 all “is our website name and user can also install application by play store by the name of “payment 2 all”.

If user is doing recharge by offline method (by SMS) then recharge format is required.

On any requirement of information related to transaction and data only “recharge portal server data” will be valid, user or company no one can object on it.

 If company is getting loss through any user company will asked him to full-fill loss, if user is not following company’s rules company can punished him as per company and Indian judicial rules.

If you are using company’s “Payment to all” service and as a user you are not using it from last “three months” for example- user is not “buying or selling” Recharge, in this case company can canceled his/her user-Id from server and if your user id is in last month of year and you are not using it from last three months mentioned as above your user-id will be permanently deleted from server and company will not be responsible for it.

As a user if you are in any problem and you are not able to use your “Payment to all” for three months or more than it you have to drop a mail and valid reason.

As a user of “Payment to all” you have to pay all amount as per agreement with company if you will not pay company can claim on you fines as per Indian company judicial rules and company can permanently deactivate your user-id from server.

In the portal we have provided you to see the data of only first 10 days, this is because if data of more than 10 days will show it may create load on the server. For this we have provided you a facility that if any request is made to see the details of previous days you can mail to the company and we can provide the data of the day which you will demand.

We save the data of last 3 month in archive section. User can also maintain these data in his portal but only 10 days data will be visible. User should make closing of 3 month for their backup.

 And last one year data will not be provided to user because that data is kept in another section after closing which is not disclose to anyone.

Area distributor have to make minimum 25 retailers under them and maximum as many as they can.

Distributor have to make minimum 5 area distributor under them and maximum as many as they can.

Master dealer have to make minimum 3 distributor under them and maximum as many as they can.

Super dealer have to make minimum 2 master dealer under them and maximum as many as they can.

The company will charge for Retailer 149/-, Area Distributor Charge5000/-, Distributor Charge 10000/-, Master Dealer Charge 15000/- Super Dealer Charge 20000/- one time to its services which is nonrefundable. User would not claim on this policy.

I …………………………………………………… will fallow all company’s rules and regulation, I agreed all above mention points, I have no objection.